Die Young As Late As Possible.

    We've all heard the expression, "life is short."  It's a scary thought, and rightfully so.   Death isn't something we generally like to talk about, much less wear on a shirt.  

So why put it on a shirt then?  When we finalized the idea and artwork it was a fairly big step in a new direction for us.  Never before had we had this cool, dark, yet hopeful, design, that i'm afraid to say we almost didn't release it. "Will people get it," "Is it too dark," "Will they think we're troublemakers."  The idea at the heart of the shirt is encouraging and inspiring, and since its release has fast become one of our all time best sellers.  So when you think of "Die Young...", what comes to mind? 

You can analyze and interpret it 35 different ways. But if we take a step back, we see it starts with one question; what scares you more? Uncertainty, or Unpleasant Certainty?  If we all die eventually why are we so scared of it?   What's left to question is what are you going to do with the time you have been given? Life is good; we are designed to create, love and explore.  Yet in the face of the unknown, we all to often let the fear in our minds discourage us from what we hope to achieve.  Now danger is very real, but when not kept in check fear is allowed to take over. We aren't suggesting you be reckless, rather step outside your comfort zone into the unknown. So gather your courage yee of little faith, and do hard things. Because nothing good comes easy, and life is full of good things. 

So you see "Die Young As Late As Possible" stands as a tribute to those who differentiate themselves from listening to fear. To the few who long ago realized that life is indeed short, but it is the longest thing you will ever do.  So give it all you got. 


Featured Image By Alexander Stickel: + Ashley Stickel

Bottom Image By Bernine de jong: + Cassidy Wade-Samara Joy


Photo: Bernine de jong.